Sincere love

Backstabbing, slander, lies , cheating and the likes have become rampant among church-going folks which betrays the love of Christ. We need to return to the practice of sincere love without hypocrisy.

Love must be real, sincere and active without hypocrisy
Let love be without dissimulation because God is love !


Romans 12
- Offer sacrifice in Holiness
- Transformation
- Having clear knowledge that you bring to church
- Faithfulness to God
-v9 -- Let love be without dissimulation

- Deceptive simulation

When you love people, you must be genuine
Dissimulation means hiding what/who you are but pretending to be what/who you are not

You must demonstrate love for the family of God
- The world has reduce love to commodity item

Examples 1:
2 Samuel 20:8-11
David wanted something done and sent Amasa ahead of time. Joad was nephew to David, was the General of the army
When they were at Gibeon, Amasa knew Joab very well, an army officer in Israel.
Joab had a military garment with sword underneath his garment.
Joab said to Amasa,
" My brother, Are you doing well ?
You look great today ? How is everything going with you ?"
As he drew him close to give him a big hug, he reached out with sword and stabbed him in the stomach
and his entrails fell out -- that the man died on the spot !

Sometimes we worry about being stabbed in the back !

Example 2: Mathew 26:47-50
Jesus had 12 disciples he had been with for 3 years
Judas came one of the 12 that was selected and appointed.
He gave the sign that whomsoever I shall kiss, you should take hold off and arrest.

2 Corinthians 6:4-7

We must learn to love for us to be genuine christians

1 Timothy 1:5

Lord help me to love all my friends
Lord help me to love everyone in my neighborhood , in my workplace, in my family

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